Introducing 6 new Colors! Renaissance Earth Collection

Eye Love Hue is celebrating their 4 year anniversary with the new release of 6 brand New Colors to the Eye Love Hue paint line! All Colors are now available for shipping! What can you create with the Renaissance Earth Collection? Your imagination is your only limitation!

Renaissance Earth Collection

Turquoise Patina hue was inspired by the beautiful turquoise color that occurs when copper oxidizes. By itself, this color is gorgeous and lends itself to modern, western, and bohemian aesthetics nicely. Easily grunged up with a little dark wax.

Baroque Blue is inspired by the artistry showcased by the masters of the renaissance period. Beautifully regal on its own, equally as beautiful when manipulated with a little dark or white wax. The possibilities are endless.

Starry Night was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting “Starry Night.” This deep night-sky blue is reminiscent of the blue-green hues floating in the Aurora Borealis night sky or the unfathomable depths of the sea.

Golden Alchemy was inspired by the rich gold tones of the renaissance era. This old-world, earthy, and aged golden hue adds an eye-catching majestic allure to any project. Ideal as a base coat under your gold glitter coat, gold metallic hues, gold gilding wax, gold foil, and gold leafing detail.

Bronze Green was inspired by the aged bronze tones of the Mona Lisa and other cultural and artistic movements during the renaissance era. An archaic, earthy, aged bronze with green patina undertones, this old-world hue pairs beautifully with bronze, copper and other rich vintage hues. Limited only by your creative imagination, bronze green has unlimited artistic potential.

Dark Ages pulls from the deeper hues used to create the Mona Lisa, along with tones that flowed through the culture and art of that era. Black is a staple in any collection or color palette regardless of the preferred aesthetic. A deeper and richer black than Tuxedo, our black-brown shade, this dark and moody hue has limitless creative potential.

I can’t wait to see what you create with the brand new Renaissance Earth Collection!

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