Haute Girl Summer Challenge Nightstand


I bought this nightstand at a local non-profit thrift store in a town not too far away. I actually had my son pick it up for me.

It was in pretty good shape other than some cosmetic damage. I did not have a plan for it yet but because of its style I knew I wanted to do something special with it.

In the beginning of August 2022 Eye Love Hue presented the Haute Girl Summer Challenge and I knew that this nightstand would be perfect for it. What was the challenge? Find a runway fashion dress and recreate it on a piece of furniture.

I went online looking for the perfect dress. I finally found it! A peacock dress in colors that I had on hand.  With colors that I actually love painting with as well.  Colors that speak to me.

The Dress

I first cleaned the piece really well and removed the hardware, which I would reuse. As with all Bombay style furniture it is a composite material so I needed to prime it with a bonding primer. I used a gray primer I had on hand but prefer to use the Zinsser Maximum Adhesion primer.

Primed Nightstand

The colors I used to match the dress was Eye Love Hue; Teal Magnolia, Enchanted Emerald and Love Potion.

I painted the first coat to get an idea of the color placement. After the first coat I decided I wanted to change up the color placement a little but not anything drastic.

First Coat of blending

Once that first coat is on the second coat is where the magic happens! With the second coat the blending is perfected and color placement is final. I wanted the colors to flow the same way they did on the dress.

After getting the blending and paint on the nightstand it was time to accent all those details. Before applying wax I top coat it with clear wax first to allow for the wax to be wiped back easily if I got more on than I intended. I then made a custom wax by mixing a clear wax and 2 mica powders to create a lovely bronze/yellow gold wax. Next I used a black wax to create added depth and dimension. The original hardware matched perfectly with the completed nightstand.

What do you think? Do you see the dress on the completed Nightstand?

The Nightstand and the Dress!

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