Indigo Creek Collection Set(6)


Kit Includes 2 oz sizes of the following:

  • Barefoot
  • Dandelion Wishes
  • Huck & Finn
  • Stoney Creek
  • Vitamin Sea
  • Wild Sunshine

Hello Fellow Creatives!

When I joined forces with Kelly to create this collection of colors I was drawn to a more natural and calming palette. Many of the things that I personally find healing, soothing, and motivating come from exploring nature with our son, Finnegan. I hope you find these colors to quell and inspire you as they have for me.

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Eye Love Hue Chalk Infused Paint is a rich creamy paint that is perfect to transform furniture pieces and home decor items. An 8-ounce jar is approximately enough to cover a smaller project like a small dresser, side table or chair.

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  • Barefoot is a unique marriage between a floral bloom hue with a soft hint of sea coral. It is full of warm hints and undertones. Barefoot was created while exploring the mutualism between the peony plants and ants in our own backyard. The color is naked and feels like a smile at the beginning of spring as nature starts to wake up from winter.
  • Dandelion Wishes could easily be the most overlooked color of the Indigo Creek Collection. It is a soft gray and impartial to being either warm or cool. The color is sophisticated and the perfect neutral. It can moderate brighter hues and pull a color scheme together. The dandelion seed is the mature fruit that we all see parachuting in the wind full of gray-toned wishes.
  • Huck & Finn from the Indigo Creek Collection is a warm taupe or dusty beige with a comfy and natural warm undertone. It’s a color that feels like an early morning stroll through the dewy grass. Or even feels like those white linens that have a “lived-in” tint that you secretly are perfectly fine with accepting.
  • Stoney Creek, this deep, dark green was created to represent the shadowy parts of the running creek bottom that gets very little sunshine. It’s a color from the Indigo Creek Collection that is both traditional and natural as well as quite sophisticated. Stoney Creek partners very well with other earth tones and compliments both cool and warm hues. Finn and I feel like this color represents our days spent on a local farm here in Pennsylvania that has given us many memories of our time in nature together.
  • Vitamin Sea from the Indigo Creek Collection represents the healing nature of water and loyalty. It is a soft, cool blue that is calming and relaxing. This quieter shade of blue holds hints of both my husband and son’s eyes; my two driving forces. The color indigo is powerful for me so there had to be a shade within my collection that was powerful but tranquil.
  • Wild Sunshine from the Indigo Creek Collection is the hue that encompasses our love of all things wild and our family’s admiration of Mother Nature. It speaks for our inspiration to step into nature and to slow down amongst all of Earth’s many colors and just watch. It is both warm yet cool with gray undertones. Finn says it is what “running through fields of butterflies and stars” would feel like in one color.
Weight 16 oz

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