Eye Love Hue Paint

Eye Love Hue paint is a blend of chalk and clay minerals combined with acrylic binders. This combination makes it a fabulous medium for artists looking to transform furniture pieces, thrift finds, or canvas art.

Eye Love Hue was designed so artists can successfully achieve a smooth, blended, layered, textured, or distressed finish.

Eye Love Hue contains self-leveling properties. With a quality brush, artists can achieve a brush stroke-free finish.

It is a LOW VOC paint. Our acrylic bases contain zero VOC, however, pigment additives will alter VOC levels.

We recommend that you seal Eye Love Hue paint to protect your finished masterpiece.

Eye Love Hue Highlights

  • Blends Nicely
  • Rich Pigments
  • Minimal Prep
  • Minimal to No Odor
  • Self Leveling Properties
  • 2 coat Complete Coverage for Most Colors
  • Minimal Hazing With Darker Colors
  • Great Adhesion Once Cured (30 days)
  • Vibrant Color Selection (42 Colors + 12 Designer Colors)
We offer 3 sizes except for the Designer Series which comes in 2 oz & 16 oz
2 oz jars Retail at $4.99
8 oz jars Retail at $15.99
16 oz. jars Retail at $23.99

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you have to prep furniture prior to painting?
  • When should you use Primer?

If you are in Minnesota you can purchase the Eye Love Hue paint at Boxrud’s Resale and Gifts in Red Wing, MN

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